Since its foundation, Mareigua hasn’t stopped working. Year after year we continue working, innovating, and forging alliances where we see successful outcomes today. As always, we continue working for what’s next, for the future.

Mareigua is founded
In 1992, a colombian-software company is born. Intending to maintain its national identity and provide visibility to the country with its products and achivements, a muisca-culture name is chosen, Mareigua. It started developing customised software.
Fanaia in its nascent state
The pilar of maintaining a national identity doesn’t end with the company’s name, it continues with the areas and products of the company. From here, Fanaia is born. It means “future” in muisca language. With the passing of law 100, a need is born in 1994 to have a technology tool that facilitates the processing and payment of social security contributions to the different entities of the social security system.
Creation of the central database for the group of pension funds, Asofondos. First example of a SAS (software as a service) and a highly transactional system. Microsoft lists it as a success case.
Project with ACEMI
Mareigua takes over the design, construction, administration, and operation of the central database of the healthcare entities (EPS) (this project will later win Latin American Microsoft Partner of the year in 2007 and a finalist for the world prize).
Model of information operators for contributions to social security (PILA)
Since 2004, a collaboration between the government and Mareigua for the design the model, PILA, though information operators.
A new line of business is created in Mareigua, consulting in databases using SQL server
We perform consulting services in topics like: database administration, business intelligence systems (BI), data mining and analysis, and database synchronization, among others.
Information operator for the Banco Agrario
Mareigua becomes the technology provider for the banco agrario, for its service as an information operator.
LATAM Microsoft partner of the year: data management solutions winner
Mareigua was the winner in the Latin America category for its SIAM solution, an information transactional system that allows to prevent and control multiple affiliations. It also becomes the finalist in the worldwide category. It achieves the top 3 best projects of Microsoft of the year in the world.
ISO 27001
Mareigua was the third colombian company to achieve the ISO 27001 certification. This certification is given to technology companies with the highest standards of trustability and information security of the company and its clients.
ISO 9001
Later, Mareigua achieves the ISO 9001 certification, which consiste of quality assurance systems to ensure performance, eficiency, and excellence in our services. Additionally, it receives the IQNet certified management system recognition by the certification-provider company.
Alliance with Aportes en Línea
Mareigua signs a joint venture with Aportes en Línea,a company of the Grupo Aval, to provide a service as an information operator for PILA.
Microsoft partner of the year-data management solutions winner
In the world partners conference in Washington D.C., Mareigua is named as the best Microsoft partner in the world for database solutions, best ally in Colombia in Business Intelligence and one of the best in the Latin American Category for BI.
Wikiplata launches
To the end of working in the Fintech sector, Wikiplata begins. In this website, anybody has access to all the financial product information and it is possible to apply online to any of these products.
Aportes en Línea reaches the #1 place
After being the last information operator in offering PILA in just four years, AEL positions itself as a market leader in october of 2012, with 28.6% of participation (the next competitor has 16.4% of the market).
Colombia Fintech foundation
With 12 companies, Wikiplata participates in the foundation of the association of fintech colombian companies. These companies, are in charge of offering digital solutions like: online credits, crowdfunding platforms, bitcoin and blockchain, among others.
CMMI-SVC/3 (2018)
With the CMMI service, level 3, Mareigua achieves a maturity model that allows to provide clarity to the organizational mission, evolving from creating products to providing services.
The Digital Innovation Lab is inaugurated (LID)
Its end, to incubate digital solutions that disrupt industries and traditional sectors, be self-sustainable, profitable, and generate positive social impact in Colombia and the world.
Award for Innovation in Financial Services
Award winning company in the 3rd Latin-American Congress on Digital Banking, Innovation and Technology in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic for competing in its 2nd Innovation Contest in Financial Services, where Mareigua stood as the finalists among solutions presented from Ecuador, Panama, Bolivia and Mexico.
Mareigua launches operations in Mexico
In 2023, we commenced our international operations, delivering our expertise and analytical solutions around income and employment capacity.
We continue writing our history

Mareigua will be a global organization, setting the benchmark in the conception, development and implementation of innovative information services, of massive use, that demonstrate the competitiveness of Colombia to the world.

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