Analytics (Income and Employer Information)

Product that is leveraged on real-time information of Social Security payments and non-traditional information to know the income and the employer reported by a natural person (employee) or an self-employed.

Analytics monitoring

Solution to proactively manage clients, according to the variations in their conditions or income, you choose the objectives that you must get monthly and receive the cases that meet the conditions.

Legal Person Employer

PJ Employer is the solution that allows you to have information and knowledge about the evolution of companies in their employees and values reported to the social security system, key statistics and indicators for a complete knowledge of business banking

Legal Person Monitoring

Solution to proactively manage corporate clients, according to variations in their conditions or income, key statistics and indicators for a complete understanding of corporate banking.

Unemployment Score

Advanced statistics solution, which allows analyzing future probabilities of customer behavior, complements the analysis with future probabilities of customers regarding the probability of continuing to receive payments as an employee.

Future income projection

Advanced statistics solution, to project the range of future income that a person can receive, considering all formal sources of income in a defined time window.

Personal balance

Solution that allows better understanding of new clients by consolidating information on client ownership and their income details. It allows to consolidate the information of the clients’ ownership and the combination with the detail of the income (Balance).

Mareigua Shield

Through a secure application, keeping encrypted the information shows employers who have presented fraud with the fulfillment of their contributions, the system will be able to know those that could generate a document fraud process. It automatically finds the “document risk” classification of all people’s queries updated in real time.

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