We create powerful solutions built on research, experience and innovation. Our end-to-end services culminate in transforming experiences for our clients and allow data-based and technology-based decision-making for our customers. Business challenges require first-class technology. Our experience comprehends multiple disciplines, providing solutions to our clients that promote business results.

Social Security Services

Potential clients:

Social security entities (EPS, ARP, AFP), IPS, government agencies, financial entities, information operators, employers, employees, and self-employed workers.

Online transaction processing Systems (OLTP)

All day-to-day activities can be represented with transactions. For the correct functioning of all systems in society, it is necessary to organize these transactions efficiently. We develop mechanisms to transforms these millions of activities in digital transactions that are registered, processed and distributed in a way that satisfies user and systems requirements. With this in mind, we visualize and create information systems to support and optimize the transactional processing of daily activities.
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System Integration

Beyond developing systems that allowed high volumes of data, we understand that information doesn´t work in an isolate manner. It is necessary that information is available where, how, and when systems require it. Information systems need to communicate between each other to accomplish the greatest performance of its functionality. Our solutions integrate these systems allowing not only its interoperation, but also a high level of optimal and efficient communication.

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Electronic Payment System (ACH)

In the world, it is difficult to imagine an industry where monetary transactions don´t exist. In the public sector, as well as the private one, users, institutions and business interchange good and services for money. To all these agents it is essential that transactions are registered properly and that the process is efficient. We enable software solutions that allow the reception and the processing of online payments through banking accounts of the given beneficiaries. Our payment system makes life easier for all agents involved, eliminating unnecessary procedures through automatization of all the processes.

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Notification Systems

Information systems have integrated in an intimate way to the day-to-day of people. Be it using social media, reading news online, or doing online purchasing or payments through the internet, all of us interact daily with information systems. The relationship between the user and the systems, therefore, must be reliable. An important part to earn the user’s trust is that solutions notify the user of relevant events that happen in the system, which generally, happens through notifications. Notification systems represent the communication bridge between any application and its user. We develop clear notification systems, intuitive and timely, which allow the user to benefit from any application.

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Financial Sector Services

Potential clients:

Financial entities, service provider entities, credit lending entities.


Geographically referencing services have grown exponentially in robustness and in the number of users, transforming itself everyday in a necessity to who offers any service or product, as well as to a potential customer (client). We believe that offering software solutions that incorporate geo-referencing is indispensable and contributes significantly to the efficiency and success of any other service. We offer the implementation of geo-referencing is its systems, to the end of strengthening the general functioning of its services and improvement of the interaction between potential clients with its services.
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Comparing Products

Every day, the decisions of buying are more difficult for users due to information-overload that they face every day. The abundance of products, services, and providers, in addition to the plurality of the characteristics of these, makes it necessary that users possess tools that assist them to compare all options, to the end of making smarter buying decisions. Keeping in mind that the end goal is to allow the user to choose the product that best satisfies its needs and that possess the best reputation in a community, we develop solutions that allow to compare products and services in an easy and effective way.

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Online Banking Product Request

The financial sector offers products that we don´t need to see, smell or physically touch to be able to sell. For this reason, the financial products represent an ideal case in which technology allows the automatization of application processes. We offer solutions that make it possible to apply online to financial products, allowing the user to apply to products as banking accounts, credit cards, credits to buy vehicles, among others, from any place and saving the time of the procedure. Our solutions make life easier—for users as well as financial entities.

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Risk analysis

The financial sector demands better decision-making based on available information. The challenges of bancarisation make that risk-analysis with current tools and information to become very complex. Our solutions help the financial sector to use innovative information for risk analysis.

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Other Sectors

Mareigua has developed the capacity to provide service in other sectors. If you can’t find the sector where you work, click on the next press button and we can help you with any inquiry or request.

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