Management Systems



Mareigua has implemented the Management Systems because it understands the importance of establishing a framework of processes and standards to be sure that the activities carried out aim to add value to its clients and stakeholders, thus supporting the compliance of its mission.

The main elements of the policy are listed below:

  • Ensure compliance with the requirements of the stakeholders, legal and contractual.
  • Optimize the operation and effectiveness of processes through new methodologies, standards, best practices and research and development.
  • Promote a culture oriented to the continuous improvement of its processes.
  • Knowledge Manage in the organization continuously and consistently.
  • Have competent and suitable personnel to carry out activities.
  • Guide and control the security of the information that is handled in the organization under the principles of integrity, confidentiality and availability.


The ISMS policy is integrated with the QMS, and among the security issues, the commitment to maintain the security of the company’s information and that provided by and the Stakeholders, under the principles of integrity, confidentiality and availability, stands out.These are defined as:

  • Integrity: Property of accuracy and completeness.
  • Confidentiality: Property that information is not made available or disclosed to unauthorized individuals, entities, or processes.
  • Availability: Property of being accessible and usable upon demand by an authorized entity.


In all the work centers where it operates, recognize the importance of human capital and commit to the highest level of the organization with the implementation and continuous improvement through the Occupational Health and Safety Management System, which is aimed at promoting and maintain the physical, mental and social well-being of workers and other stakeholders, offering safe and suitable workplaces.

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